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NOTE:  This project was initially created for the Dallas XAML User Group for Windows Phone 7 development training and technique demonstrations.  A few bugs remain as the group moves to other projects.  Please refer to the documentation and release notes for more information including screen shots.

The project is locked for Dallas XAML User Group member development, but please use the current source code for your benefit.
-Vince Blasberg

Project Description
GroupChallenge is a trivia game for one or more simultaneous players to interactively answer questions and submit questions to a hosted game server. Source code includes a WCF Data Service, Windows Phone client, and a Silverlight client. This is a fun way to increase user group participation and technical fun.  The initial questions provided are focused on XAML based technologies such as Silverlight and WPF.  The user group that first used this project is the Dallas XAML user group at

The Game In Action

How It Works
A moderator will initially connect to the server to configure the game with a set of starting questions.  As the game progresses, players can optionally submit more questions to the pool to receive the benefit of answers. Questions are presented to all listening clients at near real-time. Multiple choice questions and true or false questions can be answered with a simple click of the answer. Questions that require a verbal answer from a player, will require that the player take the floor and answer the question verbally to the entire group. The client applications include public domain sound effects for game events.  This game can be enhanced or expanded for internet usage or become a training tool for development teams.

Rules and Notes

  • Scoring is simple. One point for an answer.
  • The first correct answer received from any player wins the answer point.
  • An overhead projector can show the game progress with audio speakers playing sound effects.
  • The moderator console will manage questions, start the game, and end the game.


  • Client applications push answers to the server immediately and pull a status message from the server every 1.5 seconds.
  • Client applications can be any WCF consumer.
  • The data service provides all of the storage and logic to drive the game progress for any number of users.
  • The client application performs service calls to interact with and monitor game progress.
  • All registered participants, including a central monitor, can view the game progress.
  • When the game is over, the Silverlight 4 client will display the final score as well as the list of all player's scores.

The Download

The download is a single ZIP file with source code for the 4 projects targeting Visual Studio 2010.  Source code is available in C#.  To run the applications:

  1. Download and unzip the latest build
  2. Open the solution in VS2010, allowing it to create a GroupChallenge virtual directory
  3. Set the startup project to "GroupChallenge.Web"
  4. Rebuild the Solution and Run from LocalHost
  5. To deploy to a non-localhost, change the host url in two places:
  •   \GroupChallengeWP7\Models\Network.cs
  •   \GroupChallenge.PlayerAdminWP7\ViewModel\PlayerPictureViewModel.cs

Future Enhancements

  • Proxy server for optimized single point status pulls form a hosted server such as Azure.
  • Full Duplex Messaging from the proxy server to clients for faster responses.
  • Allow players to submit questions but not answer their own submitted question.
  • Display the top one or more winners as the game continues.
  • Bug fixes....

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